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Profitable trading robots with artificial intelligence

Earn with the help of ready-made trading systems developed on the basis of innovative trading algorithms. Trading robots are created by the first-class specialists with great experience in programming and trading in the currency and stock markets.

Trading robots


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Intraday breakout strategy. ATR is used as a basis for calculating stop losses, take profits and trailings. Trading positions are openning from 0 to 19 hours, after that time positions are only closing. Trades types depend on the week of the day. Trading is conducted on GBPUSD.


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Account Monitoring
Wave strategy. It is traded 24 hours a day. The strategy is based on the Elliott Wave Theory. ATR is used as a basis for calculating stop losses, take profits and trailings. Trading is conducted on EURUSD. This a universal strategy, therefore other currency pairs will be added in the future.
Trading algorithms of robots are tested on the history of several years.
All trading robots have effective risk management module that automatically calculates and monitors risk.
We constantly improve the performance of robots by testing new parameters and algorithms.

Robot subscription fees (service plans)


Do you want to become a true rentier, get good interest and live beautifully on it? Then this robot is perfect for you, as it shows great returns at an appropriate level of risk. Our specialists were able to balance all the settings of this Expert Advisor as accurately as possible. Perfectly tailored money management, the most popular tools and years of experience of the leading trader of the company - all this together gives absolutely incredible results.


Have you already made your million? And now the main problem, how not to lose it and earn more? Wave is a unique Expert Advisor, which trades very conservatively. The drawdown rate has never exceeded 10% in 3 years. With this Expert Advisor you can forget about the sedative pills and sleep quietly, without worrying about your money. And, of course, you will get a good steady income. This has never happened on the market before - you will be gladly surprised.

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How does it work?

Sign up with us and deposit your account.
Choose a trading robot and a plan.
Monitor trading results and withdraw profit.


to 15%
Reward from the sold packages A Partner receives a reward from each package purchased by his referrals.
to 25%
Reward from paid commission A Partner receives the remuneration from the broker's commission deductions, which are paid by referrals as a result of the trading activity of robots on their accounts.
to $15,000
Activity reward A Partner receives certificates, gifts and financial reward for fulfillment of raised funds plans.
Remuneration levels from referrals' packages
Agent rebate
Вознаграждение с рефералов
Available affiliate program levels depend on the plan used by the affiliate The minimum package to start a partnership activity is Start. If a partner wants to receive rewards from more levels, he must choose the appropriate package to his account or raise the minimum amount of referrals' funds specified in the table

Who we are and how we work?

NeuroX is a team of professional developers of trading robots whose algorithms of work are comparable to the work of neural networks in human brain and are endowed with a progressive artificial intelligence.

— The NeuroX team consists of professional traders-programmers, capable of implementing the most complex solutions.

— The average trading experience of the team members is over 10 years.

— Trading robots have been created with the help of the most sophisticated calculations and algorithms, that have increased reliability and efficiency.

— NeuroX developments can rightfully compete with the strongest algorithmic hedge funds in the world.

NeuroX robots trade on the side of the ICE-FX Markets Limited (ICE FX) broker, which is licensed to conduct brokerage activities and accept clients' funds. The broker ICE FX has been operating for over 5 years and has extremely positive feedback from its clients.

— Client funds are held with ICE FX, which has all the necessary licenses for that.

— ICE FX executes the trading positions on several liquidity providers, thus ensuring the best execution of trading orders of the robots.

ICE FX registration ICE FX License Data in the registry

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Trading on the foreign exchange market with margin carries potential risks.
Please bear this in mind when making your decisions.